Good Features of European Hostels

Good Features of European Hostels

There are a lot of great hostels in Europe. Following are some important points that you should consider while searching for hostel.

Reception 24/7 service: The people at the front reception desk usually have all the information what is going in the city. They can guide you best things to see around the town.

Hostel Rooms: Hostel dorms can vary from small rooms with two bunk beds to large rooms with 20 bunks. Some hostels also provide private rooms with only two beds. If you want private room, you have to pay more. Cheapest rooms have most people.

Security: Every dorm room in hostel has lockers to store your valuables. The hostel usually has a room to store your luggage. These rooms are monitored by CCTV.

Good Features of European Hostels

Lounge Room: The better hostels have comfortable lounge rooms where travelers can spend time with other people. This is great place to exchange stories and share information.

Good kitchen: Book hostels with good kitchens even if it costs higher, because you can save much money by cooking your own food in hostel. Good kitchens have everything you need for cooking, like stoves, ovens, microwaves and utensils. These kitchens are not very clean due to lot of use.

Free breakfast: Most of the hostels have free breakfast in the cost of your bed. Every breakfast usually includes corn flakes, with bread, juice, tea and coffee. There are some hostels where breakfast is not included with room rent.

Hostel with Bar: If you are looking for a hostel with lively atmosphere, then find a hostel with bar. The price of beer at hostel bars is very affordable and drinking in the hostel is safer than on streets.

Location of the hostel can really make a big impact on your stay. Your hostel should be located near to sights/bars/clubs/stores/public transport.